Meera Jhogasundram

Career Transition Coach | Author | Environmental Justice | Wildlife Conservation

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Who is Meera?

Meera Jhogasundram is a career transition coach (ICF member), author, and PhD candidate in international relations. Driven by her passion to help her clients reach their highest potential, she is pursuing ICF credentials for certification in professional coaching to enhance her coaching services. She loves exploring the underlying reasons for blocks and challenges one is likely to encounter around self-empowerment, and personal development, especially regarding career changes. She is passionate about the subject matter of You are the key, You are the light, and all her forthcoming books. She is of the conviction that the individual possesses the power to choose to live at the highest possible potential. Her life experiences and her research in the field of personal growth have motivated her to take inspired action and embark on the empowering journey of helping people through her books and her coaching services. You are the light is the second book in her self-empowerment series of three.

Meera is also a lover of nature and animals. She loves feeding animals. She has a soft corner for birds. Her love for the planet is strongly reflected in her book. Her desire is for people to connect to their true self, their inner child. She believes that this is best done by connecting with nature because humans are made up of the elements of Mother Earth. She is motivated by her passion for environmental justice, wildlife conservation, and animal welfare.

Self-empowerment cannot be achieved holistically, separate from the environment in which we live. This is Meera’s take on personal growth. As she puts it – When Mother Earth thrives, we thrive!