You are the Key

Do you find yourself encountering one block after another in various aspects of your life? Are you unable to move forward despite doing whatever it takes? Do you tell yourself exactly what others tell you or do you make it a point to listen to that wise inner voice which you so often ignore?

You are the Light

Your experience of the outer world is a reflection of your inner reality. Heavy emotions long-forgotten, are deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. Are you aware of their existence? Do you understand the extent of harm that can be caused by harbouring and nurturing dark energies? What you choose to believe as resolved and no longer existent, may still be present in your reality. Perhaps you realise this. You may even choose to ignore it.

You are the Truth

Do you know the impact of self-limiting beliefs on your well-being? Do you even realise that you have been sabotaging your progress, personally and professionally, by not challenging outdated belief systems that do not serve your highest good? The falsehood in your life often takes the form of deep-rooted beliefs that have the power to consume your inner harmony. Are you going to allow this? Or are you going to make the conscious choice to challenge every belief that disrupts your inner equilibrium? Remember, you have free will. You always have a choice!