Slay the False

Do you know the impact of self-limiting beliefs on your well-being? Do you even realise that you have been sabotaging your progress, personally and professionally, by not challenging outdated belief systems that do not serve your highest good? The falsehood in your life often takes the form of deep-rooted beliefs that have the power to consume your inner harmony. Are you going to allow this? Or are you going to make the conscious choice to challenge every belief that disrupts your inner equilibrium? Remember, you have free will. You always have a choice!

You Are The Truth inspires you to reassess your conditioned belief systems. It inspires you to eliminate mental and emotional blocks that have been crippling your growth. You will understand what your unique non-negotiables are. You will appreciate the importance of your unique presence on our planet. You will be grateful that you still have time to slay the false.

Above all, you will realise the need to get rid of the monstrous falsehood that has been preventing you from living life to the fullest. As you journey through Meera’s words, you will choose to confront and question every thought that is not aligned with your deepest desires. You will choose to destroy the lies that have been keeping you mentally and emotionally caged, once and for all. You will be motivated to live every moment of your life in authenticity. YOU ARE THE TRUTH is Meera’s third wake-up call to thrive in whatever you choose to do. It is an inspiring conclusion to her self-empowerment trilogy. You can’t afford to miss it!