One Collective Regional Migration Policy

For ASEAN, a collective regional migration policy would mean that duplicate processes and fees between sending and receiving countries are eradicated; recruitment agencies can be closely monitored using one transparent policy as the benchmark; low-skilled migrants who are the majority, will be protected; with one common system facilitating the smooth flow of migrants and eradicating unnecessary costs, the pool of undocumented migrants will decrease; migrant workers will be better matched to jobs; economic needs of receiving countries will be better fulfilled, and sending countries will be able to better prepare potential migrants for their venture. The best way to achieve these would be to have one regional institution, for instance, ‘ASEAN Organisation for Migration’ (hypothetical suggestion), to police and implement a regional migration policy, with representation from each of the ten states and with rotating presidency. To keep up with times, it would be prudent to have an online ‘ASEAN Migration Portal’ (hypothetical suggestion) that can facilitate communication among employers, recruitment agencies and potential migrants. A transparent and common system for all will speed up processes, cut red tape and save costs. In an age of multilateral movements of people, migrants can be considered as a form of non-traditional ‘global commons’. There is a need for a common system and a common benchmark applicable to migrant workers at all levels of skill. 

A Common System For ALL

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