Research is the basis of knowledge. Yet despite technological advancement and Globalisation 4.0, many areas of research lack substantial and credible data. There is a lack of investment in collecting and maintaining data. There is a lack of political will in enforcing the need for data. This trait is not exclusive to less developed economies. Access to data inspires and promotes research. Evolving research gives rise to an increase in productivity and innovation. The best and most suitable methodologies, methods and theories are compromised by a lack of credible data and more importantly, a lack of transparency. How can policies encourage the maintenance of relevant data? How can the foundation of research be strengthened so that the outcome can benefit societies, economies, governments and states? This is a timeless frustration of academia across the globe. Academic efforts to make an original contribution to knowledge; a purposeful and useful contribution to the public domain is impeded and often compromised due to a lack of data and a lack of access to data. There is a pressing need for top-down policy-driven measures to rectify this lagging state. More needs to be done and this needs to be done without delay!

More Data Please!